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What is online safety?

E-Safety or online safety refers to child protection and safeguarding of both children and adults in the digital world. It is about learning to understand and use technologies in a safe, positive way, also about supporting children and adults to develop safe online behaviours (both in and out of school).


The internet is a wonderful resource for the children but at the same time we have to teach the children how to stay safe on line. The children’s safety is of paramount concern to us and as part of our safeguarding commitment we have developed an e-safety committee of staff, parents and governors. As a group we review information and develop safe practices within the school. Part of our role is also to ensure parents are kept informed of school policy. There are links on the main E-Safety page to more information and copies of our key policies in relation to online safety.


As part of the pupils' curriculum, High Down Infant School provides supervised access to the Internet. Pupils are regularly given opportunities to use websites designed to support their learning. They are also taught research and evaluation skills to help them use the Internet effectively and efficiently. As a school we do not use Google with the children but instead use a child friendly search engine ‘Swiggle’. Follow the link to Resources for more information.


To reduce the possibility of children accessing undesirable materials our Broadband provider (The South West Grid for Learning) operates a filtering system that restricts access to inappropriate materials. All of our computers are in public view and access is supervised.