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Physical Education

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The Foundation Stage

We teach physical education to our Reception and Nursery classes.  In relation to the Foundation Stage, we relate the physical education aspects of the children’s work to the objectives set out in the Early Learning Goals, which underpin the curriculum planning for children age three to five. We give all the children the opportunity to develop their confidence and control of the way they move and the way they handle equipment and tools.  All children are provided with the opportunity to undertake activities that offer appropriate physical challenge, both indoors and outdoors using a wide range of resources to support specific skills.


Key Stage 1 

In Key Stage 1 children receive skills training to develop their basic movements including: running, jumping, throwing and catching. They also receive teaching in dance, gymnastics and games which develops their balance, agility and coordination. All children engage in competitive activities termly through the competeonline website.

Children need a PE Kit in school on P.E days please



Toucans Am - Monday  & Friday

                  PM  - Monday & Thursday



     Finches - Wednesday & Thursday 

Robins - Tuesday & Thursday

Puffins - Monday & Thursday


Year 1

      Ducks - Tuesday (outdoor) & Friday (indoor)

        Flamingoes - Monday (indoor)  & Wednesday (outdoor)

           Penguins - Monday (indoor) & Wednesday (outdoor)

Kingfishers - Tuesday (outdoor) & Friday (indoor)


Year 2

  Owls - Tuesday (indoor) & Thursday (outdoor)

   Pelicans - Wednesday (indoor) & Thursday (outdoor)

Swans - Tuesday (indoor) & Thursday (outdoor)



"P.E is good for you it makes you fit and you can

get strong muscles."


"I can catch a ball now. When I was in Reception I always

dropped it."


"I like it when we go on the apparatus I am really good at gymnastics. when I grow up I want to be in the Olympics"

Physical education should give every child, whatever their ability, an equal opportunity to be physically active, to develop their basic skills and physical competence and to encourage a healthy respect for exercise and fitness, underwritten by an enjoyment and love of sport and games. P. E provides the potential for personal development by making particular demands, including personal challenges, team building and interpersonal skills.


The new curriculum states that KS1 pupils should develop fundamental movement skills. We are already successfully doing this and are covering it using Leap into Life. Shane German said we were “Already ahead of the game and covering the new curriculum.”

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High Quality PE at High Down Infant School


The aim of Leap into Life is to simply help more early year’s children acquire sound fundamental movement skills which will help them to access a wide range of activities in their KS2 years and throughout adolescence. Leap in to life aims to help teachers identify weaknesses in children’s movements pattern and provide supportive intervention programme to build both technical movement competence and movement confidence.


Anne Whitely (Director of Children and Young Peoples Services, Devon County Council) states

“The Leap into Life authors aspire to make sure Every Child Matters.”


Our school was observed by the North Somerset School Sports Partnership carrying out P.E lessons from Leap into Life and at our school sports festivals. They stated that High Down Infant school was providing high quality P.E for all of its children.   High Down Infant school appeared on the North Somerset School Sports Partnership DVD as examples of high quality P.E lessons.

Physical Education within the North Somerset Sports Partnership

London Olympics 2012 gave Britain a once in a lifetime opportunity to inspire a nation to enjoy sport – within High Down Infant School we are taking this on whole heartedly! We believe that all should enjoy being active and taking part in physical activity.

PE Premium/Sports Grant – 2013-2016

In April 2013, the Government announced new funding of £150 million for physical education (P.E) and sport. This funding should be used to improve the quality and breadth of P.E and sport provision. In 2013/14 High Down Infant School received £5189.  We have currently spent £2952 of our allocation. The biggest impact on pupils this year has been enhancing high quality games provision at break and lunchtimes to support healthy lifestyles.   The PE co-ordinator has also ensured that teachers are completing termly virtual leagues against other local primary schools.   The rest of the funding £2237 will be taken into the next financial year. In 2014/15 we received an additional £8000. This money was spent on a new dance scheme iMoves dance and CPD for all staff.  We also used it to pay for Future Stars coaches to work alongside the teaching staff in increasing the cardio content of outdoor P.E lessons. We ran another very successful Sports Week where the children were able to take part in new sports and a multisports festival. In 2015/16 we had £8739.25 we spent £3000 on Future Stars coaching, £3009.97 on staffing costs, £1050 on P.E association and Wesport membership fees. We also spent a further £614.16 on our Sports week and £973.44 on resources to broaden the range of experiences for the children. 


Our aim for this money is to leave a lifelong legacy of an interest in and recognition of the importance of healthy, active lifestyles for all through a greater range of sporting and physical activities.

In order to decide how to best invest the money, we started by questioning students and staff about: sports they already do in and outside of school; sport they would like to try; ways in which we could develop PE within the school as well as further CPD required (for the teachers).

So far, the money is being used to provide the following facilities:

  • Continued membership to the North Somerset PE association which allows us to access competitions and tournaments throughout the academic year.
  • Every member of staff will observe sports coaches teaching and use this to identify areas of development for their own teaching of P.E

Associated benefits arising from the use of the money are:

  • Raised profile of PE within the school
  • Sport specific CPD e.g. gymnastics, cardio and dance

The impact of pupils’ PE and sport participation and attainment so far includes:

  • A wider range of children participating in clubs and competitions.
  • Children taking part in new sports or activities
  • The CPD is inspiring and giving confidence to teachers to improve PE lessons

As a school we are already very sport orientated and we hope to use this money to ensure this continues for years to come.  To inspire future generations we are inviting in sports teams, individuals and specialist coaches from the south west to work with our teachers and children.  


We have already received overwhelmingly positive responses from parents, pupils and staff to the developments in PE that we have put in place. The profile and quality of sport has risen within and beyond school and our pupils have regularly taken part in extra-curricular sports clubs. We have regularly scored top points in our compete online sporting activities.


All KS1 classes take part in Compete Online Virtual Leagues games each term.  Scores are entered termly allowing us to compete against other local schools.



Kangaroo Bounce











Change in score for this class



South West



Change in score for this class



South West

The government’s Sport Premium Funding will be continuing this academic year. The funding has once again been ring fenced for physical education in order to create a sporting legacy within the school - so that when the funding ceases, the school is left with a lasting impact.


Last academic year, Highdown Infants worked with Future Stars Coaching Ltd to revolutionise sport delivery.
Sports participation at Highdown Infants is so much more than just PE lessons - with every child in the school having the opportunity, resources and guidance to be the very best they can be.   
 PE lessons were supported by a fully qualified sports coach. The approach will see improved teacher/pupil monitoring & assessment as well 'continuous professional development' opportunities for the teacher. This will ensure pupils become physically literate enabling them to access a lifelong participation in physical activity.   


In 2015/2016 High Down Infants received £8739


We have used the funding in the following ways:


  • We have bought into the North Somerset PE association and Wesport membership fees (£1050)

  • Future Stars coaching to develop staff skills and enhance provision for the children (£3000)

  • Staffing costs to enable staff to attend courses, watch model lessons and provide non-contact for the PE co-ordinators to monitor lessons and provide quality constructive feedback to staff (£3010)

  • Purchase PE equipment to support our SOW and provide high quality resourcing £974

  • Whole school sports week with external providers in the summer term to broaden the range of experiences for the children. (£614)

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Sport Relief 2016- Foundation Stage Run a Mile

Thursday 22nd June 2016 - 10 year two children went to Priory School in Worle to take part in a multi skills sports festival. They took part in 10 different activities which involved running, aiming, throwing and team work. All the children tried their best and all received a medal for taking part.


Comments from the children:

"This is my first gold medal."

" We worked so well as a team in the hoop game."

"We all really tried our best."

"I am so proud of myself."


Well Done Team High Down!

We had a special visit from a real Commonwealth Games gymnast.

We had a special visit from a real Commonwealth Games gymnast. 1 Ruby Harrold and the Highdown gymnasts
After School Clubs

At High Down Infants we offer after school sports clubs every day. 





With Football fun for little 1’s

3.15 – 4.30



Year 2 Tag Rugby

With Future Stars

3.15 – 4.15

Penguins / Back Playground / Field





Year 1 Karate

Dan Lewis

3.15 – 4.30



Cheer Dance

Sharon Routleff

3.15 – 4.20


Year 1 Tag Rugby

With Future Stars

3.15 – 4.15

Penguins / Back Playground / Field


Year 2 Karate

Dan Lewis

3.15 – 4.30


French Club

With Caroline

3.15 – 4.00



Reception Karate

Dan Lewis

3.15 – 4.00