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We aim to encourage children to develop awareness of not only their local environment but of their importance in a more global environment.  We provide opportunities for the children to investigate the school grounds and the local environment and to observe seasonal changes, with consideration given to the effect of weather conditions on the growth of plants, lives of animals and creatures and the effect on their own and other people’s activities. It is hoped that the children will also develop responsible and caring attitudes and an understanding of the interdependence of people with their environment.
We have attained the Foundation Stage of the International Schools Award and we are developing a partnership with a school in South Africa.

The Geography Curriculum 

We are in a transition period with the Geography curriculum at the moment with the new curriculum guidelines coming into place in  Sept 2014. As we progress through this year we are adapting and changing out topics.

The documents below show the new curriculum guidelines and how the curriculum has changed.

Primary Geography 2014

Geography changes from 2014

Year 1 Geography  2014-15

Year 2 Geography 2014-15

Term 1 Dinosaurs and Pre-historic land

We started Term 1 with our Dinosaur topic and the children looked what the Earth looked like, how Volcanoes were formed and how the world changing affected the lives of the Dinosaurs including eventually their  extinction.


Term 2  Space Exploration

During Term 2 we had a mini topic where we looked at life beyond the Earth. The children loved learning the names and properties of the planets.

Trips and enriching experiences

The Year 1 children went on a walk to look at the types of homes in our local area.

The Year 1 classes enjoyed orienteering.

Visiting the caves at Wookey Hole

Year 1 and 2 children visiting the Nature Reserve

Picture 1 Looking for birds
Picture 2 Learning about the reserve
Picture 3 Exploring the Nature reserve