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Welcome to the E-Safety page of the school website!


We are really pleased that following an external review, we have successfully achieved the E-safety mark.

“The e-safety education programmes have created a high level of understanding among the pupils. In addition, the school has been innovative in the way that it has captured the imagination of the children through the use of age appropriate resources and programmes – eg by allowing pupils to take home the soft toy dolphins and by use of the internet safety service/ song with younger pupils”.

Ron Richards, E-Safety Mark Assessor.


The children are taught the SMART rules for using the Internet, in order to help them to stay safe wherever and whenever they are online.


The SMART rules:

SAFE - stay safe, don't give out personal information

MEETING - only meet someone from the internet with your parents

ACCEPTING - emails, IM, texts from strangers can lead to problems

RELIABLE - information on the Internet may not be true

TELL - a trusted adult if anything online makes you feel uncomfortable


We explain our ICT rules to the children frequently and annually request that the children sign up to our Acceptable Use Policy. Please see the link to policies for our E-Safety guidelines and acceptable use documents.

Please scroll down to find information, photos of the children engaged in online safety activities and useful links which will help parents and school work together to protect children online.

SMART Rules Superheroes Video

Still image for this video
Please watch this short film - the children loved taking part in it and watching themselves on the big screen!

The E-Safety Song

This is the song we sing during our e-safety week helping us to remember the SMART rules.

Safer Internet Day 7.2.17

This was part of a whole week of activities across both the Infant and Junior Schools to support our ongoing work on online safety. The Year 2 children presented an E-Safety service to their parents (and some grandparents) about the SMART rules used right across the age group to help keep children safe. The children used a mixture of songs, drama and video to get the message across. Thank you to all the parents and carers who were able to attend – we hope you found the service enjoyable and learned something from it yourselves!

Picture 1

Safer Internet Day 2015


Year Two completed services for their parents, explaining the SMART rules we learn in school.  They also presented the services to the younger children, to help them to understand more about online safety. The photos are of Swans and Pelicans classes' presentation to the Reception children.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
After the children had returned to their classes, the parents were invited to watch a short video from CEOP (Centre for Online Protection).  If you want to watch this at home, follow the link to Resources on this page.  (N.B. the video is targeted at older KS2 children, not KS1).
There were also activities across the whole school to help reinforce the message about staying safe online.  Here are some of the Reception children signing up to their class copy of our Acceptable Use Agreement for digital technology.
Picture 1
Picture 2

Safer Internet Day 11.2.14


The whole school was involved in activities for Safer Internet Day.  Year 2 presented a service on the SMART rules (Safe, Meeting, Acceptable, Reliable, Tell) to parents and carers.  Year 1 made E-Safety posters and Foundation Stage children learned about keeping safe online with Smartie the Penguin.  Reception children also signed up to the acceptable use rules we have in school. (Their parents had already done so on their behalf).  Follow the link above to see lots of useful E-Safety links for parents.


Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day 1 Explaining the SMART rules to parents
Safer Internet Day 2
Safer Internet Day 3
Safer Internet Day 4
Safer Internet Day 5 Paintings help to convey the message
Safer Internet Day 6
Safer Internet Day 7
Safer Internet Day 8
Safer Internet Day 9 Reception children signing up to the school rules
Safer Internet Day 10 Rules help us keep safe online
Safer Internet Day 11 Hector the Dolphin and Smartie the Penguin!